Brendan Mullen Files for Congressional Race to Represent Indiana’s 2nd District

By Anthony Panzica on Monday, March 5th, 2012

SOUTH BEND, IN—Brendan Mullen today made official his campaign to create jobs and fight for Hoosier values as an independent voice by filing to run for Congress with the Indiana Secretary of State. A South Bend native, U.S. Army combat veteran, small business owner, and father, Mullen has built a vast coalition of support from Hoosiers who are tired of politics as usual and are excited by his grassroots campaign which focuses on overcoming extreme partisan divides in the halls of Congress.


“Growing up in South Bend, I learned the importance of family, fellowship, public service, and hard work. Public service is deeply rooted within me and after graduating from West Point I had the chance to serve as a US Army Officer.  I believe in the freedom, promise, and greatness of our nation, and I started a small business to create good jobs here where they belong. I am running for Congress to give Indiana a strong, independent voice and to get our economy back on track.”


“Right now in Washington, we are seeing failed politicians push a failed agenda that doesn’t represent the Hoosier values we believe in. Instead of finger pointing and plans to privatize Social Security and end Medicare as we know it, we need to focus on what matters: cutting down on runaway spending and getting Hoosiers back to work.  Instead of career and professional politicians who will fall into an entrenched system where regular people just don’t seem to have a voice, we need people who know how to work together, compromise, run a business, create jobs, problem solve, and not put partisan politics in front of our flag.”


“I am honored to run to stand up to politics as usual, and I am humbled by the support for this campaign to work together and bring common sense solutions to Washington.”